“Buddha Memorial Hall One-Day Tour”


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【San-He Tile Kiln Park】

One of the few remaining traditional tile kiln factories still in the industry. Almost a hundred years old, it is designated as a historical building.



Shen1300 Porcelain Art Center

From ceramics to porcelain, Shen1300 Art was established in 1997, by Henry Shen and three of his students. The studio specialized in making ceramic reliefs for architectural designs; interior, exterior, and public. The studio quickly gained renown for it’s public installations. Today, the studio has grown to a team of more than sixty professional members. The coming of 1300 and the new trends brought by the studio symbolizes an important milestone and a new era of Chinese porcelain.



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Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center

Fo Guang Shan Temple is the best known Buddhist center in southern Taiwan and is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. The design of the Buddha Memorial Center is inspired by both an Indian stupa and the Mahabodhi Temple inside the Bodhgaya religious site in India. Above it sits the world’s tallest bronze sitting Buddha statue. In front of the statue is the Way to Buddhahood path flanked by Eight Pagodas on either side, making it perhaps the most magnificent Buddhist landmark in southern Taiwan. The Buddha Memorial Center has in its possession a relic which is said to be Buddha’s tooth-one of only three in the entire world-as well as many Buddhist artifacts donated by various countries. The art gallery displays an array of historical and cultural treasures. It is one of the biggest Buddhist art treasuries in the world.



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Exclusions: Gratuity and any optional activities not on itinerary.